Bruntwood Works is inviting applications from entrepreneurs. The better applicants among them will be shortlisted after the application is received. These shortlisted finalists have to present their business plan to the experts judge. For this, a special week will be organized from November 2019. There is no fee to participate in the competition. The final decision on the winners will be taken by Bruntwood Works.

Location : UK. Deadline : October 27, 2019. Prize Value : £ 18,960.


All UK SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) can participate in the competition. Applicants must be 18 years of age or above at the time of participating in the competition. Every applicant should have some business or he is running a registered business.


  • Winners will be given office space for four people for one year. Winners can choose anywhere for this at Manchester city center, Old Tafford, Liverpool, Leeds or Birmingham.
  • Winners can also choose a large office space for themselves, but for this they will have to pay a separate fee.
  • If they want to remain in this office even after completing one year, they will have to sign a new agreement for this.
  • There is no provision of cash as a prize.

Note : This competition is not for current consumers of Bruntwood Works.

Contact to participate

0333 323 2241


Union, 2-10 Albert Square,
Manchester, M2 6LW

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