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$30,000 Prizes In 2019 Instrumental & Vocal Competition @Worldwide

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$3,500 Prizes, Enter In 30th Annual International Vocal Competition

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$15,000 Cash & Round-Trip to Los Angels @USA in 2018 Instrumental and Vocal Competition

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Kaleidoscope 2019 Instrumental & Vocal Competition has announced. The vocalists and instrumentalists should apply for their respective categories. Upload your 15-30 minutes recording of your repertoire to Youtube or Vimeo and submit its link with application form. You may enter as many entry as you wish. 12 finalists will be invited to compete in final round …


The New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera is seeking entries for its 30th Annual International Vocal Competition. Participants need to send an application, a bio, a resume, an MP3 file or CD containing recording and a black & white photo. The preliminary auditions will start from November 1 in New York City. The final round …

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2018 Instrumental and Vocal Competition’s entries has invited. You have to submit a link of your recording piece along with your application form. Video should be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo. Any piece for instrumental or vocal soloist and orchestra is allowed in this competition. You can submit as many entries as you wish. Six …

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