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Over $150,000 In Cash & Prizes, Try Your Chance In International Song Writing Competition

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$12,000 Prizes, Try The Salmon-Safe BC Design Competition For Urban Development

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£25.5 Million Funding Programme !! Try Airport Vehicle Checkpoint Screening Competition 

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Established & aspiring songwriters and musicians should try their chance in the International Song Writing Competition. Complete your entry form and  send your song on CD or tape. Participants may enter as many songs as they wish in the same category or in multiple categories. The judging will be based on originality, creativity, lyrics and melody. …

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The Salmon-Safe BC Design Competition For Urban Development is for visionary, progressive and innovative development champions. Fill out an application form and e-mailed a site plan for proposed development. The winners will announced on October 15, 2018. Apply by the deadline. Good luck !! Location : Vancouver, Canada. Deadline : September 30, 2018. Eligibility All …

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The Future Aviation Security Solutions (FASS) programme is made to promote innovation to improve innovation security. Could you present an innovative solution for screening vehicles at airports’ vehicle checkpoint. You have to focus on three areas : Vehicle engine compartments, Bulky loads, Screening other hard to search parts of the vehicle. Location : United Kingdom. …

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