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Chance To See ‘THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING’ At An Exclusive Preview Screening !!

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£25.5 Million Funding Programme !! Try Airport Vehicle Checkpoint Screening Competition 

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Screening Chance In Three Film Festivals, Enter In Women In Adventure Competition

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Writer/Director Joe Cornish invites students to take part in Reshape your Realm Creative Writing Competition. They have to produce a short piece of writing. Describe on A4 size paper : what would you do if you will be anointed King or Queen for one day? Your entry shouldn’t be more than 500 words. All are …


The Future Aviation Security Solutions (FASS) programme is made to promote innovation to improve innovation security. Could you present an innovative solution for screening vehicles at airports’ vehicle checkpoint. You have to focus on three areas : Vehicle engine compartments, Bulky loads, Screening other hard to search parts of the vehicle. Location : United Kingdom. …

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BMC TV Women In Adventure Competition 2018 is for professional and amateurs filmmakers. Women outdoor adventure must be include in your film. Film should no longer than 10 minutes. You may send more than one film. Shortlisted 10 films will be drawn for going to the judging stage. The winners will be decided by the judging …

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