€750 Prizes & Exhibition Chance In Amsterdam, Come On Photographers !!

Sinchi Photography Competition 2018 entry is open. This year theme of the competition is Cultural Practice. It can be based on customs, events, spirituality, expressions etc. You may enter with single photo or series of images. Up to 6 images can be submitted in a series. Must write caption of all images. There are 3 categories : Documentary (up to 6 images), Portrait (singular image) and Artistic merit (singular image).

Location : London, UK. Deadline : September 1, 2018.


This is a global competition. Anyone from around the world can participate in this competition.



  • The winner will receive €500 cash, a certificate and logo.
  • Winning image will be exhibited in Amsterdam.


  • The winner will receive €250 cash, a runner-up certificate and logo.
  • Winning photography will be exhibited in Amsterdam.

Enter here

Single image

Multiple images

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