Chance To See ‘THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING’ At An Exclusive Preview Screening !!

Writer/Director Joe Cornish invites students to take part in Reshape your Realm Creative Writing Competition. They have to produce a short piece of writing. Describe on A4 size paper : what would you do if you will be anointed King or Queen for one day? Your entry shouldn’t be more than 500 words. All are expected to write their first name, age, teacher’s name and e-mail address, school name, school address & parent/guardian signature for permission to enter the competition. Preview screening will take place in February, 2019.

Location : London, England. Deadline : 21 December, 2018.


Entrants must be residents of England, Scotland, Walse or Northern Ireland. Age should be no more than 14 years.


Winners will get a chance to see the film THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING at an exclusive preview screening.

E-mail entries to (as scans/attachment)


Send here

Reshape Your Realm Competition

Into Film, 31 Islington Green

London, N1 8DU

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